7 Must-Have Home Decor Accessories

home decor accessories


Are you planning to move into a new home? Or do you simply want to redecorate your home to include more design elements? Then consider this your checklist for the next time you go shopping for home decor accessories. These seven must-haves contribute immensely to the beauty of a home, so make sure you priorities these! 

What are your must-have home decor accessories?  



Not only will cushions offer comfort, they also serve as wonderful visual elements. When choosing your cushions, think about what contrast you would like for them to offer to your space. For example, if you have got a plain-coloured sofa, add cushions in a complementary colour to balance that out. Or, if you want your cushions to stand out, choose printed or textured ones. 

Cushion fabrics are also the easiest to switch out anytime you need your home to look festive! For example, for this upcoming holiday season, you can switch to holiday-themed cushions. You will love the way they look in your photos! 



What makes throws such great pieces of home decor is how versatile they are. You can lay one on your sofa or couch and you instantly make it look ten times more inviting. You can lay it over a simple-looking chair and you instantly add charm to. 

If you want to change things up even further, you can move your throw up to your bedroom as well. Think of a throw as a team player – it's there for you for whatever vibe or style you want to go for at a given time. When choosing cushions and throws in Australia, make sure that your choices strike a balance between comfort, style, and quality.  

Statement Table Lamps 

Statement Table Lamps

Every home needs that special piece and table lamps bring some elegance and balance to a room. Yes, lighting is important – the way your home is lit can bring out the best of all the home decoration elements you have. But equally important are the lamps themselves – their design and colour also contribute to your overall aesthetic.  

You would definitely not regret having Table Lamps that give you that soft lighting at dusk and  truly stands out in either your living roombedroom or family room. 

Wall Art 

wall art

Home owners should consider their walls to be blank canvasses. On your wall, you can put up decorative pieces, wall art prints, photos, memorabilia, or other things that either mean something to you or speak to you creatively.  

Homeowners often put up pieces of abstract wall art that has a dominant colour that matches or contrasts the colour of their wall. Others try and create a gallery wall: a collage composed of both pictures and art print pieces. Others also put up pieces such as, sculptures, vintage or repurposed items. Next time you find yourself going home decor online shopping, don’t forget about your wall! 

Accent Chair 

Accent Chair

If you want to have a statement table lamp, you can also have a statement chair (this is also sometimes referred to as an accent chair). Have at least one chair or bench that stands out in terms of design. You can go for a vintage chair, a chair with a rich colour (like emerald green or deep red), or any uniquely designed chair (for example, a chair that is shaped like a flower.)  

An accent chair will instantly make any gloom or drab in your space disappear. It does exactly what it says it would – accentuate your space such that it looks simple and yet interesting. Plus, it’s helpful for at-home photoshoots! 

Decorative Pieces 

Decorative Pieces

If you want unique home decor accessories, look for decorative piece such as vase, an interesting piece or even a beautiful bowl. Vases and bowls are often overlooked when one is looking for home accessories in Australia, but it is time to turn that around!  

Decorative pieces can suit you taste or interests and come in many shapes, sizes, and colours, and this range of options is what makes them such must-haves. Put a patterned vase by your solid-colour bench top and you instantly give your kitchen a bit more personality. Or, place a decorative piece on your coffee table, and you will not even realize what the space had been missing until the piece is in its place and it all clicks in your head! 

Bed Linens and Quilts

Bed Linens and Quilts

You are probably wondering why the bedding section in physical stores you go to is so large. The reason for that is there are various types of bed coverings which come in many different colours, prints, and sizes. If you are lucky, you will find the perfect decorative covering that matches the colours and designs of your room. 

Quilts, on the other hand, can make your oasis look warm and cosyThe softness and texture of quilts add a more welcoming feel to your home. 

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